SMOBERY joins with enthusiasm AEDIVE  

SMOBERY, a Spanish company focused on providing solutions for electric mobility, is associated with AEDIVE, the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility. 

AEDIVE’s mission is to manage, represent, defend and coordinate the interests of its members, promoting the development the electric mobility sector. The association is member of the Spanish Automotive and Mobility Technology Platform Move2Future, partner for Communication and Information technologies of charging infrastructures in eMI3, co-founder of Alianza Inercia and represents the Spanish market before the European Association of the Electric Vehicle

The battery swapping technology is a new technology that allows users of a light electric vehicle to swap low- or no-charge batteries for fully charged ones. This innovation makes it easier to overcome inconveniences such as low autonomy for two-wheeled vehicles and can revolutionize the industry and make commuting easier and more convenient, rationalizing routes for fleets, extending their using, optimizing OPEX, innovating business models, among others. 

In SMOBERY we propose battery swapping system for two-wheeled vehicles adapted to customer’s needs and use cases requirements. With our participation in AEDIVE, we aim to contribute to the urban mobility providing sustainable mobility solutions. 

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