SBMC Excitedly Receives 2023 Motorrad Innovation Award

Uwe Seitz, Hennes Fischer y Toshiyuki Asami.

The Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) has been awarded the 2023 MOTORRAD Innovation Award for its efforts in driving electric mobility in the two-wheeler markets.

This award is given by the editorial board of one of the largest automotive press houses in Europe, and has been received with great enthusiasm by the organization and its members.

The SBMC as a consortium is hard at work developing a standardized swappable battery system for light-duty electric vehicles, including scooters and motorcycles.

This system will allow drivers to swap their flat batteries for fully charged ones at a swap station, eliminating concerns about battery range and reducing wait times at charging stations.

The SBMC‘s work on standardizing swappable batteries for two-wheelers is considered a milestone in the electrification of these vehicles. The implementation of this system would not only improve the driving experience of electric motorcycle riders, but would also have a positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

The MOTORRAD 2023 Innovation Award is a recognition of SBMC’s efforts in promoting electric mobility. The organization has been awarded for its commitment to developing innovative solutions for sustainable and efficient mobility.

The award is a testament to the positive impact that SBMC’s work has had on the electric mobility two-wheeler industry.

The award was presented by Uwe Seitz, editor-in-chief of the motorcycle magazine Motorrad, at the well-known ‘Bike of the Year’ event in Stuttgart, Germany.

SBMC representatives Hennes Fischer (Yamaha) and Toshiyuki Asami (Honda) received the award with great enthusiasm and thanked all members of the organization for their commitment and dedication in developing innovative solutions for electric mobility.

The MOTORRAD 2023 Innovation Award is not only a recognition of the work of the SBMC, but also a sign of the importance of electric mobility in the electric mobility two-wheeler industry. The implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions is key for the future of this industry and for the protection of the environment.

The SBMC sees how all the effort made to date has been rewarded. This award is an incentive to keep them going in their work, since the organization could not be more committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for electric mobility, and yes, this award is a recognition of their dedication and efforts.

Let’s remember that the two-wheeled vehicle industry is constantly evolving and electric mobility is a key factor in its future development.

It is important to highlight that the commitment and dedication of the SBMC in the development of sustainable solutions for electric mobility are a sign of hope and progress in the fight against climate change.

And we, Smobery, as spokespersons for the SBMC in Spain, couldn’t be happier.

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