10 reasons to opt for an electric motorcycle

Mobility is undergoing a transformation and electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly present reality.

Day by day, more and more people are considering whether it is better to opt for the known technology of combustion vehicles or for that of the present and future, that is, electric vehicles.

The wide range of offers in the market and the improvement and implementation of new tools, such as charging stations or battery exchange stations, are making electric motorcycles in our country one of the most popular electric vehicles for city.

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If you still have doubts about whether an electric motorcycle is the best option for you, here are 10 reasons to make it clearer:

Removable batteries for greater autonomy

Many electric motorcycles offer the possibility of removing the battery and charging it easily at home or at work, simply by connecting it to a conventional socket as if it were an electrical appliance. In addition, another advantage is that by having removable batteries, you can always have several units to guarantee that you have enough autonomy, as well as go to a battery swapping station to exchange your depleted battery for a charged one.

The kilometer is cheaper

Compared to gasoline motorcycles, an electric motorcycle requires electricity to run, which means that the price per kilometer traveled is much lower. Currently, the price of electricity is significantly lower than the price of a liter of gasoline.

With an electric motorcycle, the average cost per 1000 km is €17. On the other hand, with a standard 125 gasoline motorcycle, the approximate cost is €55.8.

more affordable prices

Although the price of an electric motorcycle may seem higher compared to a gasoline motorcycle, in the long term it is a more profitable and economical investment. In addition, the prices of electric motorcycles are starting to catch up with those of gasoline motorcycles.

Always ready to go

With an electric motorcycle, you will no longer have to go to the gas station to fill the tank of the motorcycle from time to time. Instead, you can fully charge your electric motorcycle at home every day, giving you the maximum possible range on a single charge. In most cases, the autonomy of an electric motorcycle is more than enough for day-to-day and commuting around the city. And if you need it, you can always go to a charging or battery exchange station.

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Less noise pollution

One of the most obvious advantages of electric motorcycles is that they emit hardly any noise, which is very pleasant when driving around the city. Driving is more relaxed and less overwhelming, which can help reduce stress, both for the driver and for those people who interact with the vehicle, see why they are close to it or because they are considering acquiring a means of locomotion of this type guy.

Road tax reduction

In some autonomous communities of Spain, the circulation tax for electric vehicles has a deduction that can go as far as total exemption, which represents significant savings. And the same happens with the Registration Tax when purchasing an electric motorcycle.

Go forward

Due to the peculiarity of electric motors, some models allow the electric motorcycle to have reverse gear, which is very useful for maneuvering the motorcycle in difficult situations, such as leaving a parking lot.

Fewer revisions in the workshop

In general, electric vehicles require fewer repairs in the workshop than combustion vehicles, since they are simpler and have fewer physical parts that can break or require repair.

Zero Label

Since 2023, it is mandatory in Spain for cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to create Low Emission Zones (ZBE) to limit the circulation of polluting vehicles in urban centers and reduce pollution in the city.

Vehicles with a zero label, such as electric motorcycles, can circulate without restrictions in these areas since they do not emit polluting gases into the air, which is beneficial for the health of passers-by.

Aid Plan Moves III

In Spain, you can currently request aid for the purchase of electric and non-polluting vehicles through the Moves III Plan. This aid is very interesting since you can benefit from savings of up to 1,300 euros on the purchase of an electric motorcycle.

With these 10 reasons, we hope that you are much clearer about why an electric motorcycle is a great option for mobility in the city.

Do you dare to try the technology of the present future?

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