Electric movility revolution


  • X-ray of electric light vehicle sales in 2022

    Download the history of sales of light electric vehicles in Spain during 2022 that reflects a trend towards electric mobility.

  • Disruptive innovation takes the lead on the road by battery swapping.

    The idea of ​​replacing dead batteries with fully charged batteries in electric vehicles has been a dream that has been around for more than a decade. Despite the efforts of big brands, it seems that it is still far from reaching its moment of prominence. Another thing is electric scooters. The same idea has brought…

  • What are swapping stations and why are they important?

    In a constantly changing world, energy sources and storage systems become increasingly relevant. With the increase in energy demand, it is necessary to find effective and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of society. In this sense, battery stations have become a popular option for energy storage and supply. Battery exchange or swapping stations, also…

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