X-ray of electric light vehicle sales in 2022

In a context of growing environmental awareness and the need to reduce pollution in cities, light electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular alternative among users. According to preliminary data provided by AEDIVE (Business Association for the Development and Promotion of the Electric Vehicle) and LIGHT MOBILITY CLUSTER, sales of electric motorcycles, quadricycles and mopeds in Spain during 2022 have increased compared to the previous year.

This increase in the sales of light electric vehicles is due, to a large extent, to the growing supply of models on the market, as well as the advantages they offer in terms of sustainability and efficiency. More and more manufacturers are betting on electric mobility and are launching new models of electric motorcycles and mopeds on the market.

Among the most popular electric motorcycle brands in the Spanish market, models such as the Silence S01 stand out. These vehicles stand out for their innovative design, their high energy efficiency and their low environmental impact. In addition, its use is increasingly frequent in courier and food delivery services, which contributes to reducing polluting emissions in cities.

Download the x-ray of light electric vehicle sales in Spain during the 2022, which reflects a clear trend towards electric mobility, driven by growing environmental awareness and the need to reduce pollution in cities. Users are increasingly interested in the advantages that these vehicles offer in terms of sustainability, efficiency and low maintenance costs.

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