Smobery: innovation that improves urban mobility.

Smobery: innovation that improves urban mobility.

Electric mobility is an increasingly present trend in our cities, but it still faces certain challenges, especially with regard to the low autonomy of the batteries.

This is especially a problem for light vehicles, such as motorcycles, bicycles and electric scooters, since they do not have the same charging capacity as other larger electric vehicles.

To solve this problem, arise Smobery.

With our quick battery swapping system, users will be able to swap dead batteries for fully charged ones within a minute.

Sure. Much faster than putting gas in the vehicle.

How does battery swap work?

The idea behind Smobery is the installation of battery exchange stations in strategic areas of the city, such as the urban center or home delivery establishments. These stations will contain dozens of batteries in the charging process, and users will be able to reserve a battery through a mobile application and change it at the nearest station when needed.

Smobery battery charging station.

As Héctor Corral, manager of ITERA (a company specialized in providing engineering solutions to the automotive and railway industry and behind the Smobery project) says, it is as easy as changing the batteries in a toy.

In addition to improving the autonomy of light vehicles,Smobery It is presented not only as a great option for vehicle fleets or leasing companies, but also for sharing or delivery and transport companies, such as Correos, for example, since they could save on operating costs, as well as have the possibility to geolocate the batteries and control their charge remotely.

And of course, it would also contribute to reducing pollution, this being one of the principles of the brand, which is committed to a sustainable and functional system.

Because you didn’t know? Our charging stations are powered by solar panels, which in turn makes them more efficient and sustainable.

In addition, Smobery charging stations have fire-fighting devices and contribute to reducing pollution in cities, which is beneficial both for the environment and for the health of citizens, since it promotes the use of public and electric transport, which improves the urban planning of cities and contributes to the reduction of traffic and congestion in the streets.

In a world that is increasingly committed to the environment, electric mobility is presented as a sustainable and efficient alternative for our cities. Smobery It is presented as an innovative and sustainable solution that can have a great impact on urban mobility and people’s quality of life.

And you? Are you ready to join Smobery?

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