Smobery: The voice of the Battery Consortium in Spain

Exchange with Smobery your spent battery for a 100% charged one

Since its founding in September 2021, the Swappable Motorcycle Battery Consortium (SBMC) has experienced rapid growth.

In its early days, it only had four members, including KTM, Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha.

However, at present, it has managed to increase its number of members to more than 30 and this number is expected to continue to grow.

The current members of the SBMC include companies such as the aforementioned, KTM, Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha, in addition to Ampace, CFMoto, Dellorto, FIVE (Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici), Forsee Power, Greenway, Keeway, Hioki, Hyba, Infineon, Mitsuba, NIU, Polaris, Prettl SWH Group, Samsung SDI, Segway-Ninebot, Sinbon, Sumitrono Electric, Swobbee, Triumph, VeNetWork, Vitesco Technologies, Yamaichi Electronics, Kawasaki, Kymco, Suzuki, ACEM, AVL, Jama and as, Smobery.

This impressive group of leading motorcycle and battery industry companies are joining forces to enhance the electric motorcycle riding experience.

And yes, Spain needed a spokesperson.

Thanks to our commitment to the development of interchangeable batteries that allow electric motorcycle riders to travel long distances without worrying about battery life, the SBMC, after our entry into the consortium, decided that we take care of its representation in the territory national.

As we have indicated on other occasions, the use of swappable batteries has many advantages, including eliminating driver concerns about battery life.

You can also reduce the cost of electric motorcycles, since batteries are one of the most expensive parts of these vehicles.

The solution proposed by the SBMC involves the use of swappable batteries, something that we at Smobery know very well, which allows drivers to simply swap the flat battery for a fully charged one at a swap station. This initiative, in addition to providing greater autonomy, also reduces waiting times at charging stations.

The goal of the SBMC is to develop a standardized interchangeable battery system that can be used by any electric motorcycle. The system will include batteries of different capacities to suit different types of motorcycles and rider needs. In addition, the system will include interchange stations located around the world for easy access by drivers.

We know that it is an ambitious project and the path that remains is long and complicated to travel. But, you know, we have plenty of battery to get it.

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